Peak District 2022

From Tuesday 28th June to 3 July, the Peak District will see a fine selection of MAMILs gracing the slopes and climbs of the Peak District's finest roads.

The selection of rides below is a suggestion based on scouring Komoot and Strava for some fun things to do. A lot of the inspiration cam from the cycling uphill top 100 climbs list.

Click play on the maps to download GPX or highlight hills or display expected cycling time. You may have to configure average speed (25kph) and select adjust for hills.

Spare routes at the bottom of the page including Sheffield Station → Hotel.

Day #1 - 2022-06-29 Wednesday

Split into 2. Morning is a flat(ish) out & back to check the legs, bikes, weather, water and other things.

Wednesday Morning

  • 🚲28km, ↑432m, 🍰900kcal, 📄 gpx

Wednesday Afternoon

  • 🚲39km, ↑740m, 🍰1298kcal, 📄 gpx

Day #2 - 2022-06-30 Thursday

  • 🚲68km, ↑1567m, 🍰2366kcal, 📄 gpx

Snake Pass descent - building for a big Friday. 60km WNW - up (126) Mam Tor, dwn & up (33) Winnats Pass, down (37) Peaslows, food @ Glossop, up Snake Pass

Day #3 - 2022-07-01 Friday

Option 1a - Snake Pass EZ (max gradient 12%)

  • 🚲66km, ↑1338m, 🍰2249kcal, 📄 gpx, strava

Same distance & climbing as Thursday but with (mostly) different roads to/from the 2 climbs and avoiding steep hills (according to the map, the max gradient is 12%)

Option 1b - Midhopestones from Stuart's map Pass EZ (max gradient 12%)

  • 🚲64km, ↑1489m, 🍰2230kcal, 📄 gpx, strava

Stuart's map route. Very similar in climbing & distance to the Snake Pass Route. 4 peaks around 20% at High Badfield (2 on the way out, 2 on the way back)

Option 2 - Totley Moor - make it 100km! (max gradient 12%)

  • 🚲40km, ↑780m, 🍰1345kcal, 📄 gpx, strava

Much more lumpy than the long ride with many 12% peaks. Some sections of hopefully quiet A roads because there are not many roads to choose from!

Option 3 - Princess Variant

  • 🚲91km, ↑1686m, 🍰3060kcal, 📄 gpx

If you're feeling more of a princess than a full-on queen, here is a shorter version of the big-yun with 90-120 minutes of cycling removed.

Option #4 Queen Stage

Queen stage - the big one? Peak District Epic - Medium Route with Little roads

  • 🚲123km, ↑2682m, 🍰4233kcal, 📄 gpx

Day #4 - 2022-07-02 Saturday

4a - The Monsal Bakewell Tart shop - 39 mile loop (South)

  • 🚲54km, ↑1085m, 🍰1824kcal, 📄 gpx strava

Spare #1 - The reservoirs - 25 mile loop (East)

  • 🚲42km, ↑891m, 🍰1452kcal, 📄 gpx

Spare #1 Monsal Trail

  • 🚲54km, ↑1336m, 🍰1900kcal, 📄 gpx

Monsal Trail - A Tourist ride (gravel / tarmac / tunnels / walkers / dogs). Set off early, back for a shower. Stop @ bakewell for a tart.

Spare #S1 - Sheffield Station to Hotel

  • 🚲19km, ↑495m, 🍰726kcal, 📄 gpx