Paris Roubaix 2021

A team session on Zwift to do the Paris Roubaix 2021 course in 6 x 80min sessions

I will create & send a meetup for each event following the zwift insider custom workout meetup instructions. You can find each of the 6 zwo files on this website.

When you join the Meetup, also join the whatsapp group call. When we’re sitting together waiting for the workout to begin, click Menu > Workouts. This will open the workout picker window: Select the correct custom workout.

The Paris Roubaix ride

leg gpx zwo profile
1 80m gpx-1 zwo-1 1
2 85m gpx-2 zwo-2 2
3 79m gpx-3 zwo-3 3
4 78m gpx-4 zwo-4 4
5 79m gpx-5 zwo-5 5
6 76m gpx-6 zwo-6 6

Each leg is about 42km and the Zwift routes of that length are:

  • New York > Everything Bagel
  • London > Surrey Hills
  • Watopia > Out and Back again
  • London > Triple Loops
  • Watopia > Big Loop
  • Watopia > Quatch Quest
  • Innsbruck > Achterbahn
  • Watopia > Three sisters

How to install the workout

This needs to be done BEFORE the meetup. Preferably days before. To install any custom workout, you need to follow the Zwift support custom workout guide. This is different for Mac, iPad, PC & Android. You need to download the zwo files from my [public droppbox] before you start the procedure.

How it was done (make your own)

First find your route. I chose the 2021 Paris Roubaix. Getting the exact route is quite hard. You need a combination of looking at the provided map and time schedule from the same page to get a rough idea of the route and then use google maps

I use plotaroute to plot my routes. It seems to understand roads, bridlepaths and footpaths quite well. After plotting the full route, I then shop it up into smaller routes and fix them using gpx magic. This handy free tool smooths out the lumps and bumps from the raw gpx data to give a better simulation of a real climb on a real road.

Those smooth gpx files can be found in the [public dropbox] folder.

To make a zwift workout, you need upload the smooth GPX files to a gpx to zwift tool. They are all set to my steady pace(71kg, 250W FTP @ 80% effort). You might want to make your own zwo files depending on how hard you want to ride!