Mr MXF Life vs. Work

There's more to life than work. I do a lot of sport to counteract the family history of "funerals at 50". It's working so far. You can contact me if you want to go for a bike ride or if you have a great swim torture workout that you think would bring goodness to the world. Maybe you just like to run through forests. I do.

NAB cycling 2023

The Strip to the Hoover Dam & Back

Friday 14th April 2023 (6 hour circular tour)

  • Meet Westgate at 06:30 PDT on a roadbike with energy bars, gravel tyres and lots of Water.
  • 64 mile pedal to the dam & back on the route from 2019 with an Uber for the last bit
  • or ... 84 mile out and back dodging the midday traffic on the bike.

Here's the strava ride from 2019:

Archived workouts

Date Type
2023-04-14 NAB ride to Hoover Dam, Hot & Sweaty in the desert!
2022-06-28 Peak District, 4 days of lumps!
2021-11-20 Paris-Roubaix, ride the cobbles on zwift
2018-10-22 Insanity mix, for general fitness and hunger

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