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This page ( will always have the up to date details for the KESW Bruce's Shorts Internship Programme. Look for the Calendar to find the latest episode. The background will tell you why the programme exists and the Learning Structure section will tell you what to expect. Check back here often to see what's new and contact us if you find an error.

Date Update
2022-06-15 Kick-off for the summer musical - bsxxx-hdr.
2022-05-11 Wednesday Meeting due to Bruce's Travel.
2022-05-05 bsxxx-color kick off meeting.
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2022-04-21 Bruce has COVID and cannot be with you on 2022-04-21. We delay by 2 weeks (see below) Sorry!
2022-03-24 Please update your Crew form so that I can make the credits and Crew page
The latest edit for review is on Youtube
Please upload more content!
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2022-03-10 Please update your Crew form so that I can make the credits and Crew page

Calendar (all meetings Thu 16:10 to 17:10)

Topic Start Instructions Preview
Current High Dynamic Range (musical) Thu 2022-06-16 bsxxx-hdr
Internet Streaming Thu 2022-09-15
Deep Fakes Thu 2022-11-03 Potential Conference for Nick

Waiting to be published
Cyber Security Thu 2022-02-24 bsxxx-cyber Youtube
Color Thu 2022-05-05 bsxxx-color

Additionally, Bruce will try and organize an industry trip.


Bruce’s Shorts ( is an educational video series that’s been running since 2012. The focus is on explaining media technology to non-scientists so they can decode the gobbledegook spoken by engineers.

There are 3 different Cuts of Bruce’s Shorts

Cut Length Scope Sample Example
S Short 1 min one thing LCEVC, NDI
M Medium 3-4 min one a topic vc6
L Long 10-15 min group discussion Like BBC's Your're Dead To Me none yet

Learning Structure

We will take 4 weeks to record an episode during each half term with the following weekly meetings:

  1. Introduction (60m) to Bruce's Shorts and the script for this half term. Chooses the cut of the episode S, M or L. Plan how we record it. Assign Homework!
  2. Script Review (90m) plan the week. What shots? What props? What sound/video effects? What cast? What art?
  3. Clips Review (90m) review what was shot and plan the edit
  4. Edit Review (60m) organise what finishing is required before we add it to the publication queue
  5. Sign Off (60m) completion of the episode, everyone gets paid & plan the release date & social media campaign

This is quite a tight schedule and takes place in the student’s free time, so timekeeping is key (especially from Bruce!). It’s anticipated that students will do 2 episodes before making space for new entrants if there is a waiting list. Each group should be between 2 & 6 students.

For each episode the students will learn the basics of scripting and recording an educational video for a defined audience that is engaging, informative, and, if possible, funny. Students will have the chance to any of the roles such as scripting, artwork, video effects, lighting, sound, editing and any of the back-end digital marketing tasks they fancy taking a crack at.

All content will be released under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License CC By-SA 4.0 and the Copyright will be help by Mr MXF Ltd. Students will be paid for contributing to each episode. Students producing extra contributions (e.g. original music / original art) may be awarded a bonus at the discretion of Mr MXF Ltd. KESW Witley will feature in the credits of each episode and on the Mr MXF Website at


To join the team, you need to complete the Bruce's Shorts Crew Form so that we can get you on the crew web page.

All content is available under a creative commons license summary, license text, Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs

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