Remote working can be tricky if you haven't done it before. There are a few tools that are used to make Bruce's Shorts work properly. It's also good to backup to the cloud if you can. Some of these files are big, so be careful with your free Dropbox account sharing!

If you're new to editing and colour correction on Adobe, have a look at this video for one way to colour correct SLOG3


Three ways to share content for review. In all cases, don't forget to post a comment to Trello requesting review.

  1. Zip everything and upload to Mediashuttle (batch process).
  2. Use the Dropbox client on your computer and do all the work for your episode in the shared Dropbox folder.
  3. Render a low resolution proxy on YouTube / Google / Dropbox / Box


  • Trello is used for tracking and coordination of all the episodes:

    • One card per episode or task.
    • Your name will be on the card if it is your episode.
    • Use the card to update progress, ask questions, link to content for review etc.
    • Move the card to a new column when your episode is ready for the next step (e.g. finish edit, upload done and ready for QC).
    • Please don't upload anything bigger than a screengrab - to Trello. Use dropbox or signiant.
  • Airtable

    • Used to track the entire season.
    • One row per episode - you have read access to it.
    • Data is used to drive the website.
  • Dropbox to share all big media.

    • You will have write access to the dropbox for your episode.
    • You will have read access to all other episodes in progress.
    • There is one episode per folder with the following default layout.
    • layout
      • archive subfolder - tests and rubbish no longer needed
      • graphics subfolder - jpegs, png, animated gifs etc.
      • output subfolder - final versions for Mr MXF to publish
      • proxy subfolder - low resolution test outputs for review
      • rushes subfolder - BIG files straight from the camera
      • script subfolder - take a guess....
    • You can do whatever layout you like, but the structure above makes it easy to manage the whole series.
  • MediaShuttle upload

    • A high speed upload service for you to send the final project for Mr MXF to archive.
    • You need to send Bruce an email to register. You will be asked to install the mediashuttle client on your computer for it to work (Win, Mac & Linux).

Contact Mr MXF for information about consultancy, Bruce's Shorts, White Papers, hosting and support.