Description: QC a Bruce's Shorts Episode



Most importantly - check the colour correction and audio levels (-9 dB peak)!!

Click for bigger picture setup-profile

This section is a check list of things for you to remember during your editing session. (Bumpers, audio and stills0 can be downloaded. Intro and Outro sequences have been rendered and an Adobe Premiere Project is available in the zip. Click for a demo of the current style ↗

  1. The top line of the title should be the episode number e.g bs501
  2. The title should be centred on the TV screen in Title Case (first letters are capitals). [PT Sans Caption] font. colour: @mmWhite. Use as many rows as looks good.
  3. The title sequence stays up for the duration of the intro, followed by a hard cut (no black).
  4. The intro music fades down at the end of the intro.
  5. The outro has the episode id in the same position as the intro.
  6. IMPORTANT If there is a Supporter's logo for the episode then it occupies the top row of the credit sequence (just after cartoon me has turned off the set). The script will tell you if the supporter has a strapline to be placed with the logo. If in doubt have a look at the internet to see how company does it on their website.
  7. Credits should be animated in your own favourite style.
    • Role: [PT Sans Caption] font. Colour @mmLight height around 50px.
    • Name: [PT Sans Caption] font. Colour @mmWhite height around 70px.
  8. Please use the script to create a caption file if you have time (TTML if possible)
  9. Please ensure that any graphics you use are creative commons modification or any other license that permits re-use with modification. If you are not sure then [Contact] me.
  10. The Mr MXF Ltd Color pallet uses @mmYellow as the main colour and @mmBlue as the complimentary colour. You are free to be as psychidelic as you want, but if you are looking to be consistent then these are the colours for you...
  • @mmYellow: #C2A649
  • @mmGreen: #91B645
  • @mmPurple: #9A3A73
  • @mmBlue: #433F87
  • @mmBlack: #000000
  • @mmDark: #333333
  • @mmLight: #eeeeee
  • @mmWhite: #ffffff
  1. Final check:
  2. Is the intro the right length?
  3. Is the outro the right length?
  4. Is the peak volume of the main audio within 2dB of the peak audio of the intro?
  5. Is the number of the episode right?
  6. Is the title of the episode rendered correctly in the cartoon TV?
  7. Is everyone mentioned in the end credits?
  8. Is the Creative Commons Share-alike, Attribution logo visible?
  9. Is the sponsor's logo and name correct and in the correct position?
  10. Are there any clicks and pops in the audio during the episode?

A full list of colours and fonts

Colour palette reference is on palletton. Please use this tool if you're trying to do something special with the colours.

###Fonts for all materials

Colour Palette for general graphics

  • @mmFill: @mmYellow
  • @mmCompliment: @mmBlue
  • @mmAccent0: @mmGreen
  • @mmAccent1: @mmPurple
  • @mmAccent2: @mmGreen
  • @mmAccent3: @mmGreen
  • @mmText: @mmDark

Colour Palette for cartoon Bruce

  • @mmShirtGrey: #cccccc
  • @mmHatYellow: #FFEDB2
  • @mmHair: #333333

Colour Palette for Technical content (MXF & IMF)

  • @mmMxfPicture: #F5F5a3
  • @mmMxfAudio: #F5B8A3
  • @mmMxfData: #B8F5A3
  • @mmMxfMeta: #A3A3F5
  • @mmImfCpl: #91B645
  • @mmImfPkl: #4D6E09
  • @mmImfOpl: #9A3A73
  • @mmImfAm: #433F87
  • @mmImfImage: @mmMxfPicture
  • @mmImfAudio: @mmMxfAudio
  • @mmImfCaption: @mmMxfData
  • @mmImfMeta: @mmMxfMeta

Shades of Mr MXF Palette

  • @mmYellow
    • @mmYellowLight2 #FFEDB2 (255,237,178)
    • @mmYellowLight1 #EBD17D (235,209,125)
    • @mmYellowDark1 #A18528 (161,133,40)
    • @mmYellowDark2 #765C09 (118, 92,9)
  • @mmGreen
    • @mmGreenLight2 #DBF2A9 (219,242,169)
    • @mmGreenLight1 #BBDC75 (187,220,117)
    • @mmGreenDark1 #729725 (114,151, 37)
    • @mmGreenDark2 #4D6E09 (77,110, 9)
  • @mmPurple
    • @mmPurpleLight2 #D796BC (215,150,188)
    • @mmPurpleLight1 #BB6496 (187,100,150)
    • @mmPurpleDark1 #802058 (128, 32, 88)
    • @mmPurpleDark2 #5D073A (93, 7, 58)
  • @mmBlue
    • @mmBlueLight2 #9491C3 (148,145,195)
    • @mmBlueLight1 #6662A4 (102, 98,164)
    • @mmBlueDark1 #2C2870 (44, 40,112)
    • @mmBlueDark2 #151152 (21, 17, 82)

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