1. Please upload an approval version to YouTube or Vimeo 48 hours before the due day and contact Bruce with the details via email or on the [Contact] form.
  2. Bruce will respond to the approval version with (hopefully) minor tweaks.
  3. Before 9pm on the due day, please provide on a dropbox / ftp / cloud in a folder with the title of your episode (e.g. bs475-virtual-reality/ ).
    • A fully rendered master copy:
      • Video: H.264 in MP4 (main level 4.2 or higher)
      • Video: 1920x1080 frame rate 24p or 25p (depending on original frame rate)
      • Video: bitrate VBR 2 pass, target 10Mbps max 20Mbps VBR
      • Aidio AAC stereo, 48kHz @ 320kbps
      • Multiplexor MP4 standard
    • Provide a screen shot of the episode showing the title text using high quality png. If your episode is bs475 then call the file bs475-poster.0.png.
    • Provide a screen shot of the most interesting frame of the episode using high quality png. If your episode is bs475 then call the file bs475-poster.1.png.
    • Please zip up the Final Cut / Premiere project and all graphics and titles so that Bruce can archive it.
    • Optionally provide a TTML captions file (ISMC1 for preference).
    • Optionally create a JSON file with the data for your episode like this example. Do not modify any of the keys, leave any of the values you don't know as empty strings ""
    • If you don't have access to shared cloud storage, then Contact Bruce via email or using the form and he will give you some storage to use.
  4. Bruce will the finalise the JSON file, upload the final clip to YouTube and update the partner index page.
  5. If you have provided the right credits for the episode (especially in the JSON) then you will receive a notification when the episode is published.

Contact Mr MXF for information about consultancy, Bruce's Shorts, White Papers, hosting and support.