Bruce's Shorts Sponsorship Information

You can Contact us, subscribe to the mailing list or get in touch with the crew via the web form.

How Does It Work?

It's Simple. A company pays $600 per episode to so they can explain a tough topic to their customers via Bruce's Shorts. The money pays students for their time, travel and resources (like coffee) to light, shoot, record, edit and add graphics for each episode. They get an on-screen credit for their resumé and some cash for beer. Some of the crew have already got jobs because their new employer watched an episode of the series. The system seems to work. Bruce gets to work with enthusiastic young people and more viewers means more learning and generally everybody wins.

How to Sponsor

You can Contact us to discuss, or you can do the following:

  1. Come up with up to 6 topics that you want explained e.g. Color Sampling
  2. Suggest a title for each topic e.g. What is color?
  3. Suggest 3 to 6 questions per topic that you need explaining e.g.
    • e.g. How does the eye see color?
    • e.g. How do we store color in a computer?
    • e.g. How does an LCD monitor display color?
    • e.g. *Why does it all go wrong?"
    • e.g. How does technology XXX make it better?
  4. Contact us via the form with this information
  5. Now we have the basis of a story that Bruce can write a script for
  6. Bruce will tweak the questions and request some graphics & logos
  7. Once you are happy with the topics and questions Bruce will write scripts
  8. Once you approve the scripts, Bruce will invoice you and indicate the shoot date
  9. Payment is due before the shoot date
  10. First cut of the clips is available 3-5 weeks after shooting
  11. Sponsors can suggest edits, but student resources may limit the ability to implement them
  12. Clips are signed off and scheduled for publishing
  13. Final clips are published on the weekly rollout schedule
  14. Sponsors can use the clips from the point they are signed off by Bruce


Bruce's Shorts are licensed on a Creative Commons Attribution and Sharealike basis. This means you can use them for whatever you want as long as you attribute them to Bruce's Shorts and ensure that the final credit scene is always shown. This is important because the students are proud of their work.

What next?

If you're interested in Bruce's Shorts as a sponsor, a college, an independent or if you just have comments then please Contact us.


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