About Mr MXF

Mr MXF is a Business and Technology consultancy specialising in Video and Audio media. Led by Bruce Devlin, our projects range from market segmentation through creation of white-papers and educational matrials, to technology and business strategy including market sizing and M&A activities.

Media companies, technology giants, entertainment companies, gaming companies, private equity firms and production companies have used our services to improve their businesses.

Customers can choose between project based engagement or a retainer to give continual feedback on their topic of interest.

Mr MXF Ltd. has delivered projects on MXF, IMF, Standards, System Infrastructure design, Cloud based software implementations, Business Process and Market Research.

Mr MXF also creates and delivers training courses and marketing material to clearly explain the benefits of complex technologies. The Bruce's Shorts series of educational videos are designed so that students can create the episodes and learn cutting edge technology while creating entertaining content.

You can contact us for more information on any subject.

Bio - full

Bruce Devlin MA C.Eng MIEE.

Founder Mr MXF; past Standards Vice President, SMPTE.

Bruce Devlin is well known in the media industry for his work on files and systems; particularly MXF and IMF. In the last 3 decades his presentations and Bruce’s Shorts videos have become the go-to resource for CFOs, CTOs and students wanting to figure out the business of technology. Bruce has designed everything from ASICs to algorithms. He tweets as @MrMXF, he literally wrote the book on MXF. He ran standardisation activities at SMPTE for 4 years and now co-chairs the Technology committee responsible for ST 2110.

Bruce is an:

  • alumni of Queens’ College Cambridge England
  • fellow of the SMPTE and member of the DPP, IABM, The IET and IMIS
  • recipient of SMPTE’s David Sarnoff Medal & the IMIS Achievement award
  • keen to educate the world about media technology
  • and a rider of bicycles (occasionally quickly)

Bio - short

Bruce is a leading technologist at SMPTE, founder of Mr MXF and has enjoyed award winning C-level positions at media companies over the years. He literally wrote the book on MXF and is a recognised world expert in media files, formats and IP transport systems. Checkout his free Bruce's Shorts video series to improve your skills in the business of media technology.

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