The Jenever Convention – What’s New With Dalet at IBC (Part 2)

JeneverIf you’ve never tried jenever (Dutch gin), you should – it’s the ideal way to end a quiet evening in Amsterdam, or start a louder one. Don’t be expecting a slice of cucumber, ice and tonic though – jenever is nothing like your typical London Dry. 

In fact, it’s far more like a fine whiskey and, like whiskey, is aged and most blended to ensure the most enjoyable experience.

Blending is key to whiskey, be it a single malt (from one distillery) or “blend” (from many), the vast majority of whiskeys are made from blending different casks to ensure that what goes in the bottle is pleasing to the palate. Jenever is produced in much the same way and similarly, technology can be “blended” to achieve something greater than the some of its parts.

At IBC, the Dalet stand will feature a number of both “Single Malts,” blends of Dalet technology, and exclusive “blends” – mixing the best from Dalet and other leading technology vendors.

Starting with the “singles” – IBC will be the first showing of Dalet Galaxy enhancement by AmberFin transcoding – providing users with more video quality and less complexity in a fully-integrated solution.

This September will also see the launch of Dalet Brio3 – the combination of the Dalet Brio video server and Dalet Cube graphics engine to offer a fully-integrated playout engine for primary and secondary events.

On the Dalet AmberFin demo pod, we’ll be showing the latest addition to the (AT)3 temporal transform toolbox – integrating GPU-accelerated, motion-compensated frame-rate conversion technology Tachyon, from Cinnafilm. Adding to the existing tools in (AT)3, this ensures that you always have the best conversion tool for the job.

Meanwhile, the Dalet Tech Zone features a number of exciting integrations including Opta for rich metadata incorporation into sports content, and Filemobile for User-Generated Content (UGC) integration into News workflows, to support the most advanced workflows.

If you want to find out more about any of the amazing “blends” above, complain about the spelling of whiskey in this post, or if you just want to quiz me on the best places to go in Amsterdam for a good jenever, click here to book a meeting now. You can also find out more about what we’re showing at IBC here.

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