The Evolution of Dalet AmberFin

describe the imageDalet AmberFin is the high-quality, scalable transcoding platform with fully integrated ingest, mastering, QC and review functionality, enabling facilities to make great pictures in a scalable, reliable and interoperable way.

Those 30 words are lifted from the new Dalet AmberFin brochure and are hugely significant. Why so significant? To truly understand, we must explore the history of AmberFin technology, while also looking into the future of our industry and what that means to us.

AmberFin, the company, was formed in 2008, but the technology goes far beyond that, originating as two projects at Snell & Wilcox. These two projects were wrapped together to form iCR – a high-quality mastering appliance with ingest, transcode and playback functionality. iCR progressed into a suite of software products and modules, still focusing on the same three functions, but with a task-orientated user interface, facilitating QC review, mark-up and metadata entry. As media facilities moved increasingly towards file-based workflows, emphasis on the transcode functionality increased and iCR Farm, a scalable, high-availability implementation of the AmberFin product, was launched in early 2012. AmberFin technology has always been well-placed to address the changing needs in our industry from appliance, to software product, to a scalable redundant system with flexible network licensing. 

Anticipating the future requirements of media organizations, Dalet has enabled AmberFin technology to evolve further into the Dalet AmberFin platform. Far more than a simple re-positioning of the AmberFin brand, this has involved fundamental enhancements to the architecture and re-factoring of many core components – ensuring that Dalet can continue to offer software products targeted at the same ingest, transcode, mastering and QC review applications, as well as provide MAM-driven business solutions with great media processing under the Dalet Galaxy platform.
Crucially, as the consumer demand, infrastructure design and business models of our industry continue to change, the Dalet AmberFin platform will again be well placed to answer the business needs of media organizations across the globe.

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