Select the right tool for the temporal conversion job

(AT)3 ACC Sample Still copyA significant and growing problem for post production houses and broadcasters is the ability to generate efficient, fast and accurate frame rate conversion.

Given that broadcasters now source and distribute on a global basis and have to deal with content at many different frame rates, temporal conversion is an imperative.

For example, temporal conversion will be required following mixed frame rate editing where video graphics may have been inserted into interlaced material. The file may then be required for onward distribution over the internet to iTunes, Amazon, Netflix or a host of other international broadcast and digital networks in a progressive scan at 24p.

Keeping mixed cadence media clean throughout a file-based workflow can be a nightmare and can seriously impact its final quality when viewed on a wide range of progressive devices such as HDTVs, tablets and smartphones.

What makes the situation even more of a challenge for media facilities is that the problem does not suit a one-size-fits-all solution, but rather needs application of a set of different tools. Filmic material mastered at 30i, for example, requires ACC (Advanced Cadence Correction) technology to transform it for optimum domestic and web delivery. Whereas international versioning, for example taking European content at 25i and converting it to 29i for US broadcast requires high-quality motion compensated conversion.

Addressing this issue head-on is (AT)3, a container for a set of tools from Dalet AmberFin that allows media facilities to select the mechanism that is best suited for a particular piece of media and conversion. Among the tools is AmberFin ACC, a fast, CPU-based technology for correcting mixed or broken cadence material.

This is now joined by Tachyon, a GPU-accelerated technology from Cinnafilm, providing fast, high-quality, motion-compensated frame rate conversion.

(AT)3 – Advanced Adaptive Temporal Transform Toolbox – will build into a collection of advanced software, targeting essential temporal conversion demands ahead of industry developments.

Fast, high-quality frame rate conversion is already central to many file-based workflows. With the introduction of Ultra HD, the industry will see demand for more and higher frame rates, growing with the Ultra HD specification over time. Efficient and high-performance temporal conversion is likely to be increasingly critical for many customers going forward and Dalet AmberFin (AT)3 will keep you several steps ahead of that game.

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