RTS & IABM review of NAB

Come on down to Pincents Manor on Wednesday 11th May for a review of NAB. Come for a heckle, come to express an opinion or just to say Hi.

Full details on the LinkedIn page.

Panel features:


  • Dick Hobbs

Dick is well known as a writer, commentator, conference chair and industry wit. He thinks this was his 29th NAB, and they still never fail to surprise.


  • Bruce Devlin

Bruce is the Chief Media Scientist at Dalet and founder of MrMXF Ltd. He’s been interfering in the industry for 30 years at the BBC, Snell, Thomson, AmberFin, Dalet, MrMXF Ltd and the MediaBay. He’s very grateful for all the awards that he’s won and very sorry for any pain that MXF has caused.

  • John Ive

John is the Director of Technology and Strategic Insight – IABM. He’s had a career in the television industry spanning 40 years including periods with the BBC, the former IBA (Independent Broadcasting Authority) and Sony Professional. In recent years he has consulted and given presentations worldwide on industry business trends, television operations, new technology including IT and file-based workflows, content distribution, professional audio, High Definition and Ultra High Definition. John is also a member of many associations, boards and advisory groups.

  • Mike Knowles

Mike is VP of Business Strategy at Ericsson Television Ltd. With a background in broadcast engineering, he has watched the industry rapidly evolve over 35 years. From analogue to digital, from tape to storage to cloud, from “Buy in a shop” to “buy at the click of a button”, Mike has always been at the forefront of these exciting times.

Keith is internationally recognised as a master of media technology and operations with a career spanning three generations serving with household names such as the BBC (twice), Walt Disney Company, MTV and as a consultant. Keith has attended almost every NAB since 1999 and will talk about his experience of not attending this year whilst representing a senior broadcaster in the UK.

Russell is managing partner at independent media solutions consultants Broadcast Innovation Ltd. Founded in 2010 to help broadcasters, media service providers and telcos push the boundaries in new media services and revenue. Russell regularly blogs and his one prior to NAB 2016 “here comes NAB will it be a good investment?” is probably a good question for the night.