Cycling NAB 2015

Fancy a pedal at NAB before the show starts? Want to see dawn break over the Red Rock Canyon? Contact Me via the webform and I’ll add you to the list of people I update with the scheduled. It’s all very informal and we’ll be averaging 14-15mph and not 20mph!

Sun: Long ride around Lake Mead – (leave hotel 05:00 – back by 09:30)
Mon: Red rock loop –  (leave hotel 05:30 – back by 08:15)
Tue: I have morning meetings – no cycling
Wed: Red rock / Blue Diamond trail run – 11km running on trails (leave hotel 05:30 – back by 08:15)
Thu: fly home (my shortest NAB ever)

If you need a bike – I have used the procyclery and McGhies. Both had good bikes. Procyclery delivered to & collected from my hotel for a small fee.